With over 40 years of experience in this sector, we are experts in representing clients in mediations, expert determinations, negotiations and other structured ADR techniques.

Over the years, we have formulated specialised negotiating strategies to ensure you receive the best outcome possible.


Litigation can prove to be a stressful, time-consuming and costly process. We are expert litigators with in-depth industry knowledge across a diverse range of sectors. We have successfully represented clients at every level of the Court and Tribunal system.  We will work with you to deliver focused, timely and cost-effective solutions, that fit your commercial objectives.

Our reputation for thorough preparation enables us to provide you with a range of options; to comfortably go to trial, reach a favorable settlement during trial or seek ADR resources.

We understand that success in dispute resolution requires not only rigorous legal work but consideration of all business factors. We also appreciate there is often the need to maintain an ongoing relationship with the adversary.

Our clients include multinational corporations, major financial institutions, government bodies and high-profile individuals.


Alternate Dispute Resolutions

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an integral avenue we regularly use to resolve disputes through settlement negotiations and mediation.

We are highly experienced negotiators who are adept at using the available information and resources to protect your interests and to secure you the best possible result.

At local, interstate and international levels, we have conducted countless:

  • Negotiations
  • Mediations
  • Settlement conferences
  • Other forms of party/party disputes

Areas of Expertise

We routinely use arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR as pragmatic ways to meet our clients’ needs. Our substantial experience and expertise includes:

  • Administrative law
  • Internal and External Reviews and Tribunals
  • Contract law – Review, Negotiation, Amendment and Enforcement
  • Competition & Consumer law – Fair Trading, Trade Practices and ACCC
  • Corporate law – Shareholder and Directors disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Disputed Estates – Wills and Intestate Claims
  • Franchising -Information & communications technology law
  • Insolvency – Reconstruction, Recovery, Turnaround
  • Insurance law
  • Intellectual Property – Creation, Trademarks, Patents, Disputes and Enforcement
  • Personal property securities
  • Professional negligence – Claims, Plaintiffs, Defence
  • Property & leasing disputes
  • Superannuation